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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 11
1. Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
I am Todd Iwamoto and an avid tournament fisherman on the Left Coast who loves getting on the water for fun and competition!

2. How long have you been involved in your sport?
30+ years of fishing in general and 12 years of tournament bass fishing

3. Are there people who have inspired you to get started?
Of course, my Father was the one who initially got me "hooked" back before I could figure out which shoe went on which foot! He taught me the basics on mostly trout fishing but got me into fly fishing, fly tying and eventually rod building. It was on an outing with my Dad and Uncle where I was minnow fishing and this green fish (largemouth bass) gulped it down and put up a spectacular aerial show that got me fascinated to this day. On the tournament side of fishing the kickboat club SCBBBC (www.scbbbc.com) got me inspired to take on tournament fishing... more
Kit Used In Video
Daiwa Fuego Bearings
#FR-092C-OS LD

Stainless Steel, Ceramic Hybrid, Orange Sealed bearings are specially designed for any application seeking a high precision, free spinning bearing. These are the true secret weapon for serious rc racers and long distance casters. ABEC 7 tolerances makes the Orange Seal line the closest precision tolerance that Boca Bearings has to offer. The removable, non-contact rubber seals results in a bearing with less drag and that requires less maintenance...more

Question / Answer
Q: Do you have instructions on how to install the bearings in my fishing reel?

A: You can always refer to our YouTube Fishing Reel Channel for instructions on how to replace your bearings.
Youtube Fishing Reel Channel
Spool Pin Pliers
Catch Of The Month
Fishing Lubrication
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