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Boca Bearings Fishing Newsletter: Issue 17

Most competitive sports culminate their seasons with the crowning of a champion, followed by a much needed "off" season. The competitors have an opportunity to rest and rehabilitate injuries sustained during the prior season, often there are changes and additions to rosters, and there are always improvements and often complete revamping of strategies to keep "teams" in the competitive hunt for championship titles.

For tournament anglers this is not necessarily the case. Many tournament anglers compete in multiple circuits, most of which set their tournament dates months, sometimes years, in advance of the actual date. Tournament organizers don't seem to be generally concerned with how their schedule will affect another circuit, with the main goal being that of drawing the largest number of anglers to your particular event regardless of what other events may be being held. Geographic locations of tournaments are also thrown into the mix as many southern states are able to hold tournaments year round. Seasons start to overlap each other, summer seasons come to a close often in late September while fall circuits can begin around Labor Day and last into December, and winter seasons can start as early as November and run through March, just in time for several spring circuits to begin in late February and run through June... more

Kit Used In Video
Ceramic Orange Seal ABEC 7 Bearings
#Fr130-Os Ld

Ceramic Orange Seal Fishing Reel bearing kits are an upgrade replacement to stock fishing reel bearings. These ABEC #7 bearings have ceramic balls with stainless steel races and retainers. Orange Seal bearings have a non-contact rubber seal which allows the bearing to spin freely with out any excess drag. Ceramic will never corrode; it has less rolling resistance and is lighter and than steel...more

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