Bugatti 35

Bugatti 35

Feb 17, 2020

Michael Rudinsky

This replica of the Bugatti 35 is a 1/10 scale 3D printed R/C model.   This model is listed on’s website,  Bugatti 35 STL model RC Model 1/10 The cost for the files is about $33.00, depending on the Euro exchange rate. 



The first print in the picture below is the front axle assembly.  I’m using All Hatchbox PLA 1.75mm filament, Silver for the Chassis and I found a nice Navy Blue for the Body.  For this print I used .15mm layer height, 100% infill for stiffness.  The print time was about 7 hours.  The bearings used for this assembly are 10x15x4mm.  I’ll be using the Boca Bearing Ceramic Hybrid Yellow Seals for this project, here’s the link to the bearings