Joe Pirozzoli- RC Aerobatics- Arvada Associated

Joe Pirozzoli- RC Aerobatics- Arvada Associated

Jul 30, 2021

Boca Bearings

At Boca Bearings we believe all hobbies are great, including RC Aerobatics.  As a matter of fact one of our team members, Jonathan, has been flying RC planes for over 30 years! But not only does he fly RC planes, he also has a private pilot’s license for real planes! How cool is that?! Then it makes sense that we recently had a conversation with Joe Pirozzoli, a dedicated RC plane flyer from Arvada Associated, a great aerobatic group. 



Joe tells us that he is “extremely passionate about RC Aerobatics and I have been doing it since 1985.  I have been building model airplanes all my life.  I always knew that someday I would fly RC models.  Moreover, Joe enjoys the comradery the aerobatics community brings.  He explains, “People in the RC Aerobatics community are the best people I’ve ever known” We believe Joe, of course we know only cool people fly planes (we hope Jonathan is reading this wink wink)



About 15 years ago Joe became one of Boca Bearings customers when he needed RC engine bearings, “I needed bearings for one of my glow engines, a friend told me about Boca.  I’ve been a customer ever since”



Joe’s passion for RC planes runs deep; he tells us he will continue to fly “until my eyes give out” and he hopes to keep recruiting new flyers, to keep teaching and improving his flying. Boca Bearings is ready to keep supporting Joe for another 15 years and Jonathan from our sales team is equally determined to help anyone with plane bearings.


Here's to looking up at the sky and seeing one of Joe’s or Jonathan’s plane!