MIG Welding At Boca Bearings

MIG Welding At Boca Bearings

Jan 30, 2020

Violet L





While there are more than 30 welding processes ranging from simple oxy-fuel to high-tech processes, here at Boca Bearings we use a MIG Welding process for its easiness of use.



          HOW IT WORKS

          Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process works by continuously feeding an electrode through a welding gun where then you need to pull a trigger in order to feed the consumable electrode through.  An electric arc forms between the base material and the electrode, which in turn heats up the material until it reaches the melting point that allows it to join together with another. The temperature of the electric arc ranges from 3,000 to 20,000 Celsius.

This type of welding uses an externally supplied shielding gas. Some of the most common gases used for this process are; Aluminum, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Steel, Magnesium, Copper, silicon Bronze, Nickel, and Helium.




            The main advantages of choosing the MIG style for welding are its flexibility, easy to learn how to use, minimal welding clean-up, lower heat inputs, and reduced welding fumes.   The process is also “lightweight” I am a petite woman and I have no trouble “man-handling” the machine/welding gun. Therefore, this process is suitable for beginners and DIY enthusiasts of all sizes and gender.




The disadvantages are the need for external shielding gas which can be pricey, the limited positions in which you can weld since you can’t use this welding process for vertical or overhead welding.  Also, this process is not recommended for welding thick materials. Finally, the welding materials need to be dirt and rust-free.




The prices for a welding machine can range from $300 to $3,000 for the welding helmet the range is from $80 to $500.



           SAFETY FIRST

                As you can see from the pictures here at BOCA Bearings we take safety very seriously.  I am wearing most of all the safety equipment available to me which include; a welding helmet, flame-resistant and long sleeves, leather gloves, welding apron, and leather booties. Don’t forget to pull your hair back!





                Now we’re ready to start welding.  I welded a bearing to an iron material and while it is not the most clean welding job the bearing is welded well and it even retained its rotation.  I used the bearing R12-ZZC PS2 found here https://www.bocabearings.com/products/r12-zzc-ps2-513 If, you want to know more about why Boca bearings are different read this article here https://www.bocabearings.com/fishing-reel-bearing-tips-advice/do-boca-bearings-really-make-a-difference



Good luck welding!