PinBall Machine 2.0/5

PinBall Machine 2.0/5

Oct 27, 2020

James Laumeyer

Over the last couple weeks I have been working to meet the deadline of the end of October to have this thing finished and although I have made tons of progress I have hit some setbacks that will inevitably push the finish date closer to the end of November. 


The first problem I had was that when the solenoids came in they had an issue that the dimensions were slightly off of the model in real life. I had to adjust my models and will have to reprint some parts. Another problem was that the little solenoid that is loading the balls the plunger would just fall out of in the current design because there is no retention system, easy enough to fix but still a problem. 


The next major problem was the X-carve, for one reason or another that machine cannot keep a stable connection to save its life. I tried swapping the computer, I tried swapping the cable, even using my phone as a mobile hotspot to rule out internet issues. Nothing worked and everytime It would fail I was forced to delete what it had already carved rehome and wait till it failed again. This turned what should have been a two hour carve into a six hour carve with all the trouble shooting and reprogramming. I eventually got most of the complex parts of the playfield done but I gave up on the upper parts and just used a hole saw, oscillating tool, and a 3d printed jig to finish the upper parts. In doing so I changed the layout a little bit to what I felt looked like a more fun field but nothing too major to speak of there. 


The third problem I ran into was solely on me, I had the tolerances off in my model so when I went to build the box it fit but there was no room for it to open with the metal trim that's holding in the top and any lights I would put in would have been sheared off. Luckily there was enough plywood leftover that I was able to fix this problem by increasing the width two inches. 




The next step for this machine will be to finish cutting the holes for the buttons and then stain the box black and the playfield a dark brown using some Stain I have from a previous project, once that is done handles will be added for easier transit, and then finally the wiring will be finished.