Powered by Boca Bearings-Visit to SEATECH

Powered by Boca Bearings-Visit to SEATECH

Mar 26, 2020

Boca Bearings

Boca Bearings in an effort to support our local academic ecosystem offers paid internships to STEM students from the local colleges.  Thus, a visit to SeaTech was in order!  SeaTech is “ FAU's Institute for Ocean and Systems Engineering, at the Dania Beach  and is located on eight acres between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway with valuable access to the ocean and seawater. FAU Dania Beach is home to the nation's first ocean engineering program. The FAU Dania Beach Campus was established in 1997 as a state-funded Type II research center, the institute is part of FAU's Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering.”  Additionally, SeaTech has partnered up with the Naval Surface Warfare Center  this partnership allows for more indepth in-water tests and evaluations of underwater systems. 



Needless to say, that description is on point. This place is incredible it has so much to offer to students including a great faculty such as our tour Guide Professor Pierre-Philippe Beaujean. Doctor Beaujean tells me that the students have unique opportunities to work on some pretty amazing projects such as the reverse osmosis filter that converts sea water into drinkable water or finding new ways to collect ocean water for renewable energy. 



Student in this program are emerged in real hands-on experience which makes their education an accurate representation of the workplace.   Students are exposed to various types of machinery, technologies and software programs which prepares them for future employment as well as personal growth.

Dr. Beaujean states that the students and the faculty are always eager to tackle any oceanic engineering project.  They have the desire, will power, leadership and intellect to embark on many rigorous projects however, what they lack are big budgets.  Thus, the students often reach out to companies for donations.  Corporate donations can go a long way in allowing these students to turn their projects into reality.


Boca Bearings wanting to support and propel the students’ objectives and efforts has donated various bearings for multiple projects throughout the years. Some of the bearings donated include our Ceramic Lightning yellow sealed bearings which were used for a student’s “autonomously deployed folding blade hub direct drive generator horizontal axis turbine” That’s a mouthful! Fortunately we have a couple of pictures below depicting his projects.



At Boca Bearings we are very proud of these young, intelligent and ground-breaking students.  We try to support them as much as we can.  If you’re interested in our internship program please reach out to Violet at violet@bocabearings. If interested in a F1/STEM Sponsorship fill out this form here http://www.sponsorship-dashboard.com/f1




For corporate donation to the Oceanic Engineering program at SeaTech reach out to Dr Beaujean at PBEAUJEA@fau.edu



Salt water filter using reverse osmosis 

Salt Water Filter Using Reverse Osmosis


Various engineering student projects 




 "autonomously deployed folding blade hub direct drive generator horizontal axis turbine"



The Boca Bearings Ceramic Yellow Seal Bearing