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Manufacturer/Model By Series | KHE, POVERTY FRELOADER - HUB

Manufacturer/Model By Series | KHE, POVERTY FRELOADER - HUB

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    SKU: #BRK-017C-YS/C3

    Ceramic Lightning Yellow Seal Bicycle Bearing Kit. Our Yellow Seal line of ceramic bike bearings are specially designed for Off Road and excessively dirty riding environments. These bearings are maintenance free and lubed for the life of the bearing. The heavy duty rubber seal provides extra protection against the harshest elements. All sealed bearings are packed in grease and will require short break in period to loosen up. KIT (2) 2-6202C
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  • #BRK-017FCZ-LL

    SKU: #BRK-017FCZ-LL

    Full Ceramic PTFE Seal Bike Bearing Kit. Our Full Ceramic PTFE Sealed line of ceramic bicycle bearings are specially designed for competitive on-road or off-road riders looking for the absolute least amount of rolling resistance. The non-contact seal eliminates any drag typically associated with a rubber sealed bearings and still provides extra protection against external elements. Ceramic races and balls are non-porous, virtually frictionless and roughly half the weight of a steel bearing.
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  • #BRK-017C-HIP/C3

    SKU: #BRK-017C-HIP/C3

    The Boca Bearings Ceramic C-HIP Bicycle bearing series allows you to ride further and faster, and last longer thanks to the hardened steel races and superior dense ceramic balls. These Grade 5 Si3N4 balls are made using a hot isostatic press, making them even denser and more robust than other ceramic balls. These are excellent aftermarket bearings to upgrade your bike bearings. We are so confident in these bearings, we are offering a 2 year warranty. Kit contains: (2) 2-6202C
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