Bearings for Medical & Surgical Power Tools

Cosmetic, Health Care and Beauty Product Packaging Balls
Cosmetic, Health Care and Beauty Product Packaging Balls
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The Boca Bearing Company’s precision balls are suitable for use in applicator tips, spray pumps, push pumps, nail polish bottles and more. There is never a minimum order for in stock bearings and we can also deliver large production and blanket orders. Contact a Boca Bearing sales representative today to find out more about our line of cosmetic packaging balls and bearings.


The Boca Bearing Company offers a wide assortment of off the shelf, as well as custom made, balls specifically designed for cosmetic, health care and beauty product packaging. We can supply many different materials including: stainless steel balls201, 304, 316L, 420, 430, 440C),carbon steel balls (1015, 1045, 1085),chrome steel balls (GCR15), copper brass balls, tungsten carbide balls,  glass balls, polishing and grinding balls, hollow steel balls, plastic balls, ceramic balls and titanium ball.

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