Custom and Hand Built Bearings by Boca Bearings

Custom and Hand Built Bearings
Custom and Hand Built Bearings
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Boca Bearings offers custom or hand built bearings for extreme and specialty applications. With over 30 years of bearing manufacturing, design and development experience our bearing engineers are capable of meeting your most demanding bearing requirements. Standard, off the shelf bearings are not always suited to mission critical applications. When nothing else is working our customer's have trusted the Boca Bearing Company to develop custom bearing solutions.


Our expert staff are also able to convert standard bearings into ceramic hybrid bearings. This has been a popular secret in perfomance racing applications for many years. We can hand build ceramic hybrid bearings by using our C-HIP ceramic ball series. C-HIP balls have a higher density than standard ceramic balls. As a rtesult ceramic hybrid bearings last longer than standard steel bearings and are able to achieve up to 30% higher RPMs. These hand built ceramic hybrid bearings also offer less rolling resistance making your application more energy efficient.


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