Folding Knife and Tool Industry Bearings

Folding Knife and Tool Industry Bearings
Folding Knife and Tool Industry Bearings
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Bearings are a critical hardware component in the knife making world. The pivot in many folding knives and tools is often perpetuated using caged ball bearings, IKBS balls, or thrust bearings. A steel or ceramic detent ball is a common feature on many pocket knives used to prevent unwanted opening. These are just a few of the many functional applications of bearings in this particular industry. Bearing balls may also be used for decorative purposes, inlaid into a knife blade or handle. The Boca Bearing Company is a proud supplier of bearings and lubricants catered towards folding knives and tools. Boca Bearing’s ceramic bearings can be used in a variety of high intensity environments from condensation and sweat, to dust and dirt. Ceramic bearings are non-magnetic, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and can operate without lubrication, making them perfect for the toughest situations.


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Medford Knife


Medford Knife is a small-scale American made knife manufacturer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Owner Greg Medford selected American made companies to work with for his parts including the Boca Bearing Company for its high quality ball bearings.





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