Ceramic Bearings for Measurement and Metrology

Measurement & Metrology Equipment Bearings
Measurement & Metrology Equipment Bearings
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The Boca Bearing Company can supply many different precision balls for use in measurement and metrology equipment. Ceramic balls, steel balls and tungsten carbide balls are commonly used for calibration and metrology applications. Common applications include spindle evaluation, go/no-go plug gauges and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). 


Precision balls are used in Spindle evaluation for lathes, milling machines, diamond turning machines and grinders. This method allows for real time performance of a spindle under actual operating conditions. 



When a large number of holes need to be gauged a ball gauge is used. Unlike a plug gauge a ball gauge will allow holes intersecting other surfaces at an angle to be evaluated with the ball gage. 


Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) are also used to test the accuracy of a manufactured part against its original design to ensure stringent quality requirements are met and adhered to. CMM’s use a ball as a probe and will convert physical measurements into electrical signals. 

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