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Packaging, Converting & Web Handling Equipment Industrial Bearings
Packaging, Converting & Web Handling Equipment Industrial Bearings
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Boca Bearings is proud to introduce their new and expanded line of full ceramic bearings, ceramic hybrid bearings and specialty lubricants specifically designed for the packaging, converting and web handling industries. Converting, print and web handling covers a wide range of applications across a number of industries. These applications convert roll goods into useful consumer or industrial products or into more useful packaging materials. Operating environments can be high speed, dirty and hot, as a result standard bearing and lubrication products do not have the desired life customer’s have come to expect. Converting materials such as paper, plastic film, foil and cloth often are produced in long, continuous sheets that are rolled up for more-convenient handling and transportation. These rolls of material vary significantly in size and weight — ranging from 2 to 200 in. wide and weighing as much as several tons. The converting industry takes these continuous rolls of thin, flat materials — known as webs — threads them though processing machines (such as printing presses, laminating, coating and slitting machines) and converts or changes the web of material into an intermediate form or final product. Some of the most pressing issues facing the packaging industry today are controlling costs and operation downtime. Full ceramic bearings and ceramic hybrid bearings are capable of alleviating some of these concerns. Ceramic in ball form is twice the Rockwell hardness of steel which results in a more durable and longer lasting bearing. Boca Bearings line of full ceramic and ceramic hybrid bearings are appropriate for use in food packaging and food processing due to their ability to work in challenging conditions. Ceramic materials can operate in extreme temperatures, work with heavy loads and will not corrode or rust when exposed to water, alkali or acids.

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