Robotics Bearings for Automation Industry

Robotics Bearings for the Automation Industry
Robotics Bearings for the Automation Industry
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Robotic bearings for the automation and advanced manufacturing industries are increasingly being subjected to new and harsh environments. The Boca Bearing Company is a proud supplier of bearings and lubricants catered towards robotics and automation for manufacturing. Boca Bearing’s ceramic bearings can be used in a variety of manufacturing environments ranging from extreme temperatures, to high speeds, and heavy loads. Full Ceramic bearings can be used in robotic applications underwater, in vacuum and space environments. Ceramic bearings are non-magnetic, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and can operate without lubrications. 


The wide array of features of  full ceramic and ceramic hybrid bearings allows for application flexibility. Engineers can upgrade and downgrade automation equipment, seamlessly integrating them into different production lines without long waiting times, maintenance and without production down times. Deep groove bearings, angular contact bearings, mounted unit inserts, and self-aligning bearings are just some of the styles available in Full Ceramic and Ceramic Hybrid versions. Boca Bearings has one of the largest inventories of ceramic bearings for robotics and automation in the world, but can also have custom bearings made to the specifications of the customer.


Boca Bearings has a full range of bearings and balls in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, alumina oxide ceramic, silicon nitride ceramic and heavy duty plastics. Many different styles of bearings are also available including radial deep groove bearings, thrust bearings and angular contact bearings. Additionally, bearing configurations can often be tailored to fit each robotic application comprising variations of materials for races, retainers and balls as well as specialty lubrications and coatings.


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