Bearing Tips & Advice

Here's how to change bearings on a Tekno ET48 2.0.


First start with a clean working area. Have tools- 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm hex wrench. 4.0mm,5.5mm nut drivers. 17mm wheel wrench and some needle nose pliers.

Put your bearings in bearing soak and wait 15-30 minutes.



I start with the front end take off the 4 bottom 2.5mm screws and the 2 2.0mm screws. Unhook the steering links using a 5.5 mm nut driver. Also take off the top steering plate 5 2.5mm screws.  Pull the front clip off and set the chassis of to the side




Next take the A and B blocks off to take the A Arms Off




Next take off the camber links on both sides to unhook the A-Arms from the shock tower


Take out the set screw in the wheel hex and take out the pin, pull off the hex and push out the axle and the front and rear bearings on both sides and take off the sway bar.


Next take the 6 screws that hold the shock tower to the differential box off and open the diff and take it out. Open it and drain the old oil out. Take out the spider gears then the diff cups to take the bearings out and put better in. Put the diff cups back on then the spider gears. Fill the differential with oil of choice and put it back together. Put it back in and put the 6 screws back in. Becareful of the seals and don't rip one like me



Put the A-Arms back and the camber links. Attach the steering links and sway bar and then your done with the front.


Now the middle. Take the 4 screws out of the case and take the center diff out and take it apart and drain the oil. Take out the spider gears and the diff cups, change bearings and put the diff cups and spider gearing back in. Fill with oil of choice and put the spur gear back on. Make sure to put it the right way and put the cage back on





Now the rear take the camber link off and the sway bar. Take the set screw out of the hex and the pin. Pull the hex off and push the axle and bearings out. Change them and out them back.



Now take the 6 screws out to take the shock tower off and the bottom front 2. Take diff out drain, take spider gears out and diff cups change bearings. Put diff cups and spider gears back in. Fill with oil and put together put back in. Put the bottom 2 screws in first then the other 6 for the shock tower.