Hot Bodies TCX Bearings

Hot Bodies TCX Bearings


Product Introduction: Boca Bearings
By Bastian Wehrman June 20, 2011


A product introduction for bearings? Any RC car & truck model has bearings what’s so special? Especially in competitions engines and controllers are dictated and leave little room for improvements.Therefore good quality bearings are even more important. It’s not just the weight of the bearings, but also the seals and shields that protect from dirt that are significant.


To be honest, I have never had been this skeptical before any other test. I am testing the ceramic bearings with rubber seal. Because I have been a skeptic about the effectiveness of the bearings I’ve decided to build a ramp and let my Hotbodies TCX roll-out without any electrical power with my stock bearings. 
My RC reached a distance of 4 meters.


Following the test I’ve installed Boca’s bearings. First, I removed one shield and was thrilled. My experience with other rubber shielded bearings has been that the rubber is easily destroyed during the removal. These Boca Bearings are different. Boca’s bearings allow you to easily remove the shield without destruction and re-install them. That makes for a great impression.


The kit #19A-050C- OS AF2 is really complete. It doesn’t just include axel bearings, but also contains ball differentials and clutch belt bearings. This kit contains a total of 18 bearings. 
After the installation of all bearings in the TCX I have repeated the test with same test conditions as previously outlined. The car rolled 7meters, no joke!


So, with my TCX in tow I have looked up my friend to test out my RC and he was thrilled as well. I am looking forward to the next LRP-HP challenge race in Velp to see what difference these Hotbodies TCX bearings will make.


My attitude towards bearings has changed a little. Good quality bearings are worth a lot, especially in competitions and the Boca Bearings are outstanding.


Go visit Boca online at Shipping is fast my bearings were delivered within few days of placing the order.





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