Team Losi TLR 8ight Ebuggy Bearing Exchange


Team Losi Tlr 8ight 3.0 Ebuggy rebuild with Boca Bearings Green Seals Kit #57-305GS



The 3.0E after pulling it a part for the Boca Bearings upgrade.



The front diff with new green seal bearings



Front End



Steering and top plate



The center diff before cleaning .I use brakecleaner cleans everything like new takes off all the old oil and dirt. I used it in a jar [inner gears]



The rebuilt center diff



The rear end before the new bearings.



The new rear bearings installed.



I can’t wait to try the Boca bearings in my 8ight 3.0 nitro, Truggy, Ebuggy and scte 2.0. The Green Seals well save me a lot of time in maintenance and be able to focus more on racing.

Thank you Boca Bearings
Roy Huzel