Slash 4x4 Bearing Removal and Install

Slash 4x4 Bearing Removal and Install


by Thomas Boothe




1.Determine which kit best suits your driving conditions


2.Remove shell - I worked from the back of the truck forward


3.Remove the rear wheels

4.Then remove the two rear axles (don't loose washers or pins)


5.Once the axles are out you can start taking the bulkhead and bumper assembly off to access the differential.


6.While everything is apart you may want to clean some parts up


7.Remove the 4 rear wheel bearings inner and the outer and replace


8.Remove bumper assembly - rear top and bottom screws


9.Once you've done so the housing to the differential will be visible


10.Remove the two screws holding it on and it should pull right off


11.Remove differential and replace the bearings (the bearings on either side are different sizes)


12.Now take off the rear bulkhead assembly screws on top and bottom


13.This will expose the spur gear and slipper (slides out)


14.Remove and replace bearing in the bulkhead be sure to clean any grit that may have accumulated


15.Once the slipper and spur gear have been slid out you will see the drive shaft bearing, remove and replace this


16.This area will be full of dirt without cleaning it my new bearings wouldn't have fit


17.Now dissemble the slipper


18.Disengage the drive shaft mount


19.Undo the bolt compressing the spring and remove the spacer


20.Slide the shaft out and remove the bearing and replace


21.When reassembling tighten spring and bolt down depending on how much power you want to put down to the wheels


22.Reassemble the rear components and seal back up




1.Remove front wheels


2.You will not be able to remove axles until the front bulkhead is removed and the front differential housing is removed


3.Undo top and bottom screws


4.Remove differential housing screws


5.Remove axles in the same manner you did the rear remove and replace (don't lose washers and pins)


6.Inner front wheel bearings are larger than the outer


7.Remove differential clean, remove and replace bearings (bearings are different sizes on each side)


8.Now remove the bottom steering bolt to undo linkage


9.Undo the front bulkhead to expose steering components


10.Undo the steering screws and slide off the knuckles there will be 4 bearings that needs to be removed and replaced


11.Reassemble and put all back together