Z-Car ZMXT-8 Pro Truggy Wheel Bearing Installation

 How to install Z-CAr ZMXT-8 Pro Truggy outer wheel bearings


by William Goodwin


First of all make sure you have a nice clean working enviroment, and that you have cleaned all parts of your model that you will be working on. Today we will be replacing all outer wheel bearings and also the knuckles that are part of the new active caster front end. First we will work on the front.


First remove the upper arm from the front hub by removing the 3mm allen head screw that attaches it, then remove the steering link from the hub by way of the 2mm screw as shown in photo.



Next we will remove the bottom screw that attaches the steering hub to the active caster knuckle by way of the 3mm screw shown in the photo.



Next remove the outer hub and axle from the steering hub. Remove old bearings, clean thoroughly, and install new bearings. 1-9x17x5 in the inside, and 1-8x16x5 on the outside.



Re-assemble axle and outer hub.


Next is the active caster knuckle bearings. To remove the knuckle locate the 2mm screw inside the knuckle that attaches it to the lower arm shaft.



Remove the screw and old bearings clean and install 2-5x9x3 bearings and re-install lower knuckle.



Re-assemble all componenets and follow same procedures for other side. This concludes the front outer bearing installation.


Now we move on to the rear outer wheel bearings. First thing is to remove the upper link at the outer hub by removing the 2.5mm screw and lock nut.



Then locate and remove the 2mm screwthat secures the outer toe angle block to the rear arm.



Then remove the toe angle insert and also the lower arm pin.



Now the outer hub is free of the arm and you can remove the outer wheel hub and axle from the hub. Remove, clean and replace the 2-8x16x5 bearings and re-assemble.




Make sure and use blue loktite on all screws during assembly and refer to your manual if there are any problems. Thank you for purchasing your new Boca Bearings. Enjoy!