Boca Bearings Workshop Up-Cycled Weather Vane Intro

Boca Bearings Workshop Up-Cycled Weather Vane Intro

Jan 20, 2017

Cory Oliver

My name is Joseph Prosnitz and I am undertaking a Weather Vane Build as a Bocca Bearings project
There is a long history of weather vanes as you can read about on wikipedia
*Fun fact they are often called weather cocks because they are in the shape of a rooster on top of churches.*
These wind measuring devices are both ornamental and indicate the general direction of wind. I have always liked that they catch the eye on a windy day. This will be my first build of one. I researched how they are traditionally constructed and discovered they are fairly simple. I decided to reuse a bicycle I had lying in the shop as it had been crashed. The greatest difficulties I foresee are the weight considerations as a vane that is too heavy won’t track the wind at low speeds. I hope to offset this by minimizing rolling resistance. More on this later.
My goals for this project :
1. build a weather vein
2. up-cycle a used bike
3. create a piece of outdoor art
4. experiment with bearings


Primary tools used: 
angle grinder
bench grinder
mig welder (you don’t need a spool gun like the one pictured)
welding table
bench vice
Parts: used bicycle wheel


used bicycle fork
bicycle races 
metal tube
Scrap metal