Boca Bearings Blog 2017

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 1

Sep 26, 2017

Kurtis Rodriques

Weather Vane


I finally have the rpm counter/wind speed monitor working for the weather vane. The next step in this process is to finish building a sturdier base for the weather vane, to enable it to be properly planted. Once I get the structure of the weather vane down, I will then test it outside with the electronics to test two things:


  1. Are the electronics accurately measuring the desired variables
  2. Is it able to withstand the cyclical stresses of the wind and surrounding environment.


weekly report


weekly report


R/C Airboat


I have two rudders that were 3-D printed on the Printer Bot and the linkages to go along with it. I was trying to think of the best way to get both rudders to move simultaneously without sacrificing weight. So, in each of the rudders there are two 4770 Boca bearings inside of them to help reduce the friction coefficient between the plastic. Next week I plan on mounting the rudders to the boat hull so that it can turn and hopefully have its first maiden voyage.


weekly report


weekly report


Hot Wheels Racer


Andrew pitched a good idea to reverse the direction of the brake handle on the hot wheels racer. Originally I was going to create new set of linkages to do so. Instead, it made more sense to save time and simplify it by reversing the brake cylinder so that the applied force of the brake will then be forward.


weekly report




This week I gathered materials to create thermoplastic tires for the pi-drones. With John's assistance, we created the mold by means of 3D-printing which I will now use to create the tires to slip over the inside wheel. This method should hopefully prove to be easier to manufacture as opposed to the polyflex or ninjaflex.


weekly report