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Modified Bike Project: Part 1 1976 Cimmato City Bike

May 24, 2017

Ben Flaum

modified bike


Adam Farris, owner and operator of O'Malleys Speed n Kustom, started out this project with a 1976 Cimmato City Bike powered by a Minarelli V1 engine.


The leaf springer fork was handmade, as well as gas tank which was formed on an English Wheel. For the rear section to get the proper stance for this bobber bike Adam is making an extended hard tail section.


The engine will be rebuilt using Boca Bearings cutting edge ceramic hybrid ball bearings to go with the Boca Bearings logo and a paint scheme that will be heavy metal flaked blues, blacks, and silvers.


Lincoln Electric welders and Lil Daddy Roth's Flake paint is being used for this project.



Stay tuned. Adam will have an update with the completed frame shortly.


modified bike


modified bike


modified bike