Boca Bearings Blog 2017

Modified Bike Project: Part 4 - The Bike

Sep 28, 2017

Ben Flaum

This was a four-month project that included hard work and some thinking outside the box. Here is the final product.


Started with a stock Cimatti city bike frame, chopped up and a hard tail from a triumph motorcycle that was welded on.


modified bike


modified bike


Used handmade leaf springer forks, and a handmade gas tank painted with Roths Metal flake bad-azz blue, then lettered and striped by Michaels Sign Company.


The engine was rebuilt using Boca Bearings ceramic bearings. The ceramic bearings are very noticeable in performance, freeing up rpms and giving great throttle response.


modified bike


modified bike


I'm hooked and will only use ceramics from now on. Something as simple as a bearing that can add high performance is just brilliant.


I am honored to have been asked to build this bike for the Boca Bearing Company. Everybody at Boca is awesome, very easy to talk to and very friendly. A great company to work with and collaborate, and they offered top notch products to make this bike.


modified bike


I hope everybody digs the bike and I cant wait to see it at some trade shows!


Adam F.