Boca Bearings Blog 2017

Scan-O-Tron Project: Kinect Attached

Jun 26, 2017

Ben Flaum

The Scan-o-tron journey continues:


  • The Kinect has been attached to the trolley
  • Reworking the trolley cable to accept a counterweight to allow for smoother transition of the Kinect.
  • Ready to procure a laptop capable of processing the 3D image


Making things happen -- our Boca Bearing Company Scanotron build is a little closer to being finished with the addition of a counterweight pulley system. Works like a charm and the Kinect stays put wherever we stop it. Needs a little custom wiring, some programming and a good paint job and we'll be set for Gulf Coast MakerCon Gulf Coast Makers.






Researched the processing requirements and have discovered the performance need is being driven as much by the 3D processing software as by the Kinect itself. There are several likely candidate laptops that could be used. Decision has to be made which one is best.