3D Sets Model 7 Buggy Project

3D Sets Model 7 Buggy Project

Apr 06, 2021

Michael Rudinsky

This project is a 3D printed model Volkswagen Beetle.  The download from the 3D Sets website (www.3dsets.com) includes an easy to follow assembly guide and a list of all non-printed parts.  This model requires about 3kg of filament, PLA is recommended.  I used Prusament Orange and Galaxy Black.  You will need more than 300 pcs. of hardware, 13 pcs. 6700-2RS (10x15x4) mm bearings, 1400kv Brushless Motor and Speed Controller, 2S LiPo Battery (5000mah), 1/10th scale buggy tires, Radio and Receiver.  This model is for someone with intermediate or higher level printing skills.  This model will take more than 300 hours of print time and about 20-30 hours of build time.  Having a good tool set with 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm Allen Head screw drivers makes the build much faster and easier.  I consider myself an intermediate level 3D printer I have built a few of the other models produced by the 3D Sets group but this model was very different from the others using a belt driven rear axle system.



These pictures are the basic body. I printed all parts of this model in .15mm with various infill percentage based on the strength of the required parts.   There was a mid-model change in the positioning of the headlights.  The headlights were moved from the front panel to the fenders to be more realistic of the actual vehicle.




Here are pictures of the completed body before the front and rear axles are installed.  For the window glass I used a clear 1mm plastic binder cover.  I decided to print the front blinkers in clear filament, any other color didn’t look quite right with the orange body color.




Rear Axle pictures.  On the left is the assembly before the shocks are installed.  The picture of the right is after the shocks are installed and with the speed controller and receiver wired.  I am fairly new to R/C and had to learn how to connect a brushless motor and speed control.   There were a few differences from a brushed motor and controller.




The Completed model.   After driving this vehicle around I can say the performance is great!  Not only is this a fast car but it has very responsive steering.  In fact, this car is so fast the tires are slipping off the wheels.  I guess I’ll have to glue the tires to the wheels to keep all 4 wheels on the ground.