A conversation with Athlete Beata Wronska

A conversation with Athlete Beata Wronska

Oct 04, 2021

Boca Bearings

It's not often we meet and develop a close relationship with a well-rounded athlete such as  Beata Wronska. Beata has really impressed and motivated us with her commitment and dedication to mountain biking


Wanting to learn more about her we asked her to share with us when she started and what motivated her. She responded. “I started being involved in sports when I was only 9.5 years old. I can’t tell what motivated me. It’s this inner drive and curiosity that always has been there. I walked myself to my first table tennis training and became a top player in Poland and here in the USA. Then I jumped into Off Road Triathlon which I completely loved and along the way came Mountain Biking. I have been racing bikes for 12 years now and love every second of it. I love nature, so the sport that touched my heart so deeply is all about being outside and tackling what nature can throw at me on a daily basis. I love it.” For athletes like Beata nature can be very powerful and healing. 


It’s obvious mountain biking has all the elements for someone like Beata to go all in into this sport. But mountain biking is not for the faint of heart so we asked Beata how or who introduced her to this challenging sport. She told us: “Really no one. I was soul searching for new things that would thrill my soul and on top of that list was Mountain Biking. I felt it was the most difficult, crazy, and badass thing one can do and I wanted to see if I could somehow learn the skills and become part of it.”  The takeaway from Beata is that just like in sports as in life the soul is the ultimate guide to greatness.


We have learned from Beata that having a strong mind and a warrior spirit is paramount in this sport as she shares with us “There are so many ups and downs and points where you think it gets so tough you can’t go anymore. It can be in the race, or it can be in the season. The most important thing then is not to get hung too much on the negative and wait it out. If it’s a rough race and you can’t go any faster, it’s a matter of time until your body recovers, and you find a second wind. The same can apply when you lose the drive after a long hard season and get burned out. It is very tough. It can take a long time, and everything looks very dark for quite some time. Again, it’s important to be patient then and the light and happiness will return.”  The inspirational words of an accomplished and driven athlete. Beata we are listening! 


But it doesn’t just take an imperturbable mind to be an athlete of Beata’s caliber, it also takes heart! She explains “I love being out there! I love the forest, I love how every day is so different, even when you ride the same trail. I love the challenge. Mountain biking is not easy, it’s technical, it’s physical, it requires so much work, but when you go fast and have a big smile on your face, in that moment you forget everything else, and that's all that matters.” Clearly, Beata is a very positive person. 


In addition to the internal peace Beata experiences when racing she also loves all the additional perks the sport brings. She continues, “ I love the racing scene also and the people. Traveling the country and the world and competing against very strong people who become your friends along the way is very special. You want to stay on top and work so you can make a journey again and challenge yourself on different terrain. Mountain biking takes us to some amazing places and puts one to the most difficult challenges. It’s a never-ending journey and test. It’s so everchanging that it is fascinating. There is always something new to look forward to.” An athlete like Beata is always up to a good challenge. Indeed a warrior! 


At this point you may be wondering how Beata came in contact with Boca Bearings, well she explains: “We were looking for the best bearings out there and sometimes you need it fast. Anything can go wrong with a bike in a blink of the eye. It can take a bad ride and race and you can burst some parts. Finding Boca Bearings and having such a good provider of great bearings so near our house was definitely something that I was very happy about. We did our research and found the best bearings out of our door. We are dedicated to quality and convenience. Moreover, our customer service is unparalleled. Beata continues, “I started using BB about 10 plus years ago when I first got into biking as Boca Bearings was local to me and so whenever I needed bearing I would just walk into the office and they always had what I wanted and now that I am in North Carolina, I can just order online and they can ship to me.” We thank Beata for her support throughout the years. We strive for customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


When we asked Beata what’s next for her. We were so impressed with her answer, “I just returned from Marathon Masters World Championships in Italy just a few days ago and did bring Bronze home. That was the main race of the year. My immediate plan is to travel up to Maryland in a few weeks for the Marathon National Championships in Mountain Biking and bring home my 3rd marathon win. After that one more local awesome and super technical race, Swank 65 and after that little break, followed by a new plan for the new season. Next year I will be focusing on the marathon racing and another chance of the world title.” You read that right! she brought Bronze from a race in Italy! Saluti, Beata! 


We are now more than ever committed to remaining a supporting partner of this amazing athlete who also happens to support our Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign. 


Baeta, we are proud of you and all your achievements! Cheers to many more national and international winning races!