Drift Trike Part 3

Drift Trike Part 3

Sep 08, 2020

Marc Tobel

For the next step I wanted to make a battery mount so I could utilize the electric start feature this motor comes with.  I began with a piece of steel plate and welded it to the frame, using scraps to create a boundary for the battery. 






After sourcing the bike that I wanted for the front end of the trike, I began to cut the frame of the bike to fit onto the rear trike frame.  I also wanted to remove most of the paint that was originally on the bike so I could weld supports in.  Sanding off the paint also leaves room down the road to put a fresh coat of paint on it, which I plan on doing. 




After cutting the frame and sanding down the paint to bare metal I took down the rear assembly from the sawhorses and mocked up the position of the front end on the floor.  It’s really starting to come together now!