Flow Hydro-Electric Energy Converter II

Flow Hydro-Electric Energy Converter II

Aug 10, 2021

Tyler Gilley

At the shop today I started by redesigning the Turbine housing the water turbine will sit inside. The problem I encountered with my first design was that the turbine did not sit centered. With a few minor corrections on solidworks I was able to get the 3D printing process going swiftly. I chose this turbine housing design because it allows water to flow through the turbine with ease. This in turn helps spin the dowel with enough speed to turn a DC motor.



The next step of the day was to design a support system that the turbine housing can sit on and not affect the system. The system is not finished because we are still waiting on a 3d printed part that will connect the motor to the dowel. In the picture listed below you can see how the motor is located on the right side of the 2x4 the motor will be situated directly centered above the red box. The two pieces in the photo will be installed by screwing in the motor mount to two 2x4’s situated on each side of the tank. Then the turbine support system will be screwed into the bottom side of the motor mount.