James Laumeyer: Our Intern of the Spring Semester 2021

James Laumeyer: Our Intern of the Spring Semester 2021

Jun 04, 2021

Boca Bearings

Intern of the Spring Semester 2021

James Laumeyer


The internship at Boca Bearings has many objectives from fostering an ecosystem of local talent to community involvement.  However, one of the paramount objectives for our engineer interns is to explore new talents and hone in on preferred skills.   Our internship is quite challenging and each intern is tasked with a complex project.  These projects require engineering hands-on abilities, in-depth research, use of various tools, and collaboration with other interns and staff. Understanding how valuable our interns are we have incorporated a new rewards program for the intern who carried out outstanding work during a particular semester. 



As our first pilot intern for this program we would like to give the honors to James Laumeyer, an Ocean Engineers from FAU who has been an intern at Boca Bearings since last fall.  James has demonstrated tremendous leadership abilities and has achieved great engineering success on all his projects.  To learn more about those projects visit our blog section here https://www.bocabearings.com/blogs

James will receive a gift card and a well-earned letter of recommendation for future employers.


Check him out on this video here