Power by Boca: Artist Amos Robinson

Power by Boca: Artist Amos Robinson

Jul 29, 2020

Boca Bearings

We had the great pleasure of having a conversation with Amos an accomplished and incredibly talented metal sculpturist.   Amos who grew up in an artistic household with a mother who loved to paint had a natural pull for the arts. However, his journey was not that clear-cut since for many years he held an executive position overseeing a sales team of 200+ to unwind from the demands of a high-pressured corporate job he lovely created some pieces for his wife's garden. His wife's garden was one of his first "galleries" for many impressed by the artistic beauty of these pieces would commissioned Amos for more unique pieces. Throughout the years Amos worked with different materials from clay to wood but it was until he visited the Guggenheim Museum where his eyes were open to his now preferred medium, stainless steel. Amos appreciates the coldness and lifelessness of the steel as it allows him to mold it and bring it to life. A key component for Amos is kinetic energy, is this kinetic energy that is insidiously found in all his pieces, this makes his work so unique and fascinating. Take his bull for example (pictures below) while not moving it clearly posses preserved energy to propel it at any given moment for movement.  By looking at it we feel we are only  seconds away from seeing this majestic bull take speed and charge. Equally impressive is the fact that bull used to be one single giant piece of metal but thanks to Amos hands it has now come to life to delight our eyes as we stand in front of it in awe.



An equally magnificent piece which has been in display since 2014 is the Crossing Path lll in Emerald Bay, CA. Pictures below. 



 Anyone however would be hard pressed to just pick one favorite piece as whatever Amos hands touche is bound to be incredible. It is not surprising that his art can be appreciated internationally from China and New zeeland to Mexico and Netherlands. His international exposure arrived after a close friend of Amos invited him to showcase his pieces at a Rodeo Drive gallery, this was particular impressive since the art collector and owner only displaced deceased artists but Amos's friend insistence paid off. The gallery owner quickly realized he had found gold in Amos' art and decided to take all 7 pieces, within 48 hours 2 sculptures were sold, and the others quickly followed.


Even Though, Amos now has achieved many milestones he continues to produce great quality pieces, It is in this effort of quality and durability where Boca Bearings comes in. Amos uses our yellow seal bearings and after researching the top ceramic bearings he came across our website and contacted our sales manager JR who quickly responded and assisted him in finding the best bearings for his sculptures which are displayed in the open air and thus are exposed to the salinity of the ocean win, the sun rays, snow, and pretty much every other element out there.  The Boca bearings are indeed put to the test on these sculptures. 



Here is an amazing video showcasing the Boca Bearings in one of Amos' pieces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syqxTCGz1sc&feature=youtu.be 

In Amos's words; “Lihue Gears” are two identical sculptures (one is shown in the video).  They will be crowning elements atop the signage at the entrance to Rice Street in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii as part of the Lihue Town Core Mobility and Revitalization Project. The sculptures are a historical reference to the time when the sugarcane plantations were operational and are intended as symbols of the revitalized energy of the town core."



Clearly, we have enjoyed getting to know this artis and his outstanding pieces. For more information about Amos please visit his website here https://amosrobinson.com/
We wish Amos much more success!